Orchid Vault Terms of Service

ORCHID VAULT Terms of Service
last updated: January 20, 2012


Acceptance of Terms

ORCHID VAULT is provided to you free of charge under these Terms of Service. By visiting any portion of the ORCHID VAULT web site, forums, gallery and/or participating in services or events you are indicating your agreement to be bound by these Terms of Service. ORCHID VAULT shall not be liable to you for any breach of these Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service please do not view the site or participate in services or events.  Failure to abide by the terms and conditions here within shall be grounds for immediate and permanent account termination at the sole discretion of the owner(s) of ORCHID VAULT.

These Terms of Service may be updated at any time with or without notice. ORCHID VAULT may supplement these Terms of Service with additional terms pertaining to specific content, services or events.



ORCHID VAULT is a PRIVATE on-line community that is owned and operated by SAPPHIRE DRAGON ORCHIDS and MY ORCHID VAULT serving as an extension of both businesses.

The primary mission of ORCHID VAULT is to provide an online community and support system for current MY ORCHID VAULT users and for customers of Sapphire Dragon Orchids. As such, ORCHID VAULT is a business website/community and must maintain a professional level of decorum to provide a safe venue for its customers and to appropriately represent the affiliated businesses.

The secondary mission of ORCHID VAULT is to provide: an online venue for the sharing of orchid related information; to contribute to the overall health, growth and education of hobbyists, orchid collectors, hybridizers & commercial growers; to provide a venue for the discussion of orchid culture, hybridizing, and other topics relative to the orchid industry.


Code of Conduct

Members of ORCHID VAULT must always conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner during all interactions and user created content viewable by the general public and/or general membership. Behavior that is deemed to be excessive, unprofessional, potentially illegal, slanderous, overtly sexual or distasteful in nature will result in one written warning and then account deactivation upon a second offense at a minimum.

Polite Discussion- any discussions should remain professional and non-confrontational. Hostile, attacking or confrontational debates will not be tolerated. We encourage members to discuss differences but to also acknowledge that different people have different perspectives and opinions.

Negative Responses and Behavior- responses to posts that have a negative connotation and behavior that is demeaning or shuts down conversations will not be tolerated. All members have the right to express their opinion as long as it remains in a professional tone.

Appropriate Conflict Resolution- disagreements will happen from time to time and members are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner at all times. If you find yourself in a debate or disagreement, you may state your stance once but do not continue to try to force your perspective. We highly encourage that members agree to disagree and do not enter into extensive debates.

Opinion vs Fact- Misrepresenting information, ideals, and/or concepts as fact without substantiation is highly discouraged and could be considered a breach of the TOS depending on the severity of the occurrence.  The context of posts can make all the difference between a post that encourages open discussion and a post that stops or shuts down discussion. Members are encouraged to post their perspective, but please only present that information as fact if you have data to back up and/or prove the statement. Qualifiers such as "in my opinion", “from my previous experience” and "from my perspective" are highly encouraged.

Adherence to this Code of Conduct will ensure that community is a professional, stress free and welcoming environment that will reflect well on both it’s members and associated organizations.


Membership Levels

ORCHID VAULT currently has three basic levels of free membership. In the future ORCHID VAULT reserves the right to include content and services at a one time fee and/or time based subscription fees.

Public sections of the forum are maintained to release information into the public domain that is no longer proprietary and deemed to potentially be of value to the great community outside the forum. The public sections are read only to “anonymous users”.

The ORCHID VAULT Member sections of the site contain all of the general content, functionality and active discussions on the topic of orchids.  “Authenticated users” automatically have read/write access to all content at this level including the ORCHID VAULT forums and user photo galleries.   Potential members are asked to give personal information about their orchid and hybridizing experience so we can validate that they are in fact a legitimate grower, not a spammer and allow us to better get to know new members.

Please note: Falsifying information in the membership request and/or member profile will be considered grounds for immediate account termination.

The MY ORCHID VAULT User sections of the site contain additional content specific to the use, discussion and technical support for the My Orchid Vault software.  “MOV users” have read/write access to these sections of ORCHID VAULT. “MOV users” are defined as members that have purchased or been given a complimentary copy of the MY ORCHID VAULT software.


Membership Rules and Requirements

The Public level of the forum is accessible to all guests and has no requirements for read only access.

The ORCHID VAULT Member level also known as authenticated user or “Member” has the following requirements:

The "Member" membership level is assumed to be the primary level of the active members of the forum.

1.) Membership activation is at the sole discretion of the administrators of ORCHID VAULT.  We reserve the right to activate and deactivate Member accounts for any reason (including, but not limited to the conditions below).

2.)Active Membership is required of all members of ORCHID VAULT. Participation and contribution in forum discussions and projects are vital to the health of the community.

Active Members are requested to participate in ORCHID VAULT community on a regular basis. Posts of a relevant nature are important to the overall health of the forum. Lurking and skimming is highly discouraged. The admin's retain the right to de-active accounts that abuse the system;

Inactive "Member" level accounts may be deactivated after 1 Year of inactivity to keep the database streamlined.  Accounts will not be deleted, but a request for participation will be sent out before changing an account to an inactive status.

Professional and Courteous behavior is expected at all times.  Disruptive and/or abusive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in account termination.

3.) All "Members" are requested to keep their profile up to date and to fill out all of the fields in the user profile. We ask that you include your real name in your profile, your experience growing orchids, experience hybridizing, your hybridizing and/or educational goals, geographical location and if you are a private or commercial grower.

Please note: Falsifying information in the membership request and/or member profile will be considered grounds for immediate membership termination.


The MY ORCHID VAULT User level also known as “MOV user” has the following requirements:

The "MOV user" membership level is strictly for users of the My Orchid Vault software. 

1.) MOV users must have purchased or been granted a complimentary copy of My Orchid Vault.  Users with pirated or “copied” versions of the software will not be granted access to the forums.  

2.) The current MOV forums are free to all users with a legitimate copy of My Orchid Vault.  In the future some sections of the forum may be limited to registered members whom have paid for extended tech support.


Cancelation of Membership:

ORCHID VAULT is a Private community and membership privileges can be canceled at will by the administrators for any reason deemed a violation of the Terms of Service.

In the event of membership cancelation all content posted by the user becomes the property of the ORCHID VAULT community.


Photo Usage and Posting Guidelines

General Rules:

Only post your own images or images you have permission to post from the original owner;

You may post links to photos that you do not own, that are published on other web sites.  Please give appropriate credit and the link to the other site should be visible;

All images are the property of the original owner/photographer and should not be copied, posted or used for any other application without the written consent of the owner;

We reserve the right to remove any and all images that do not follow the rules and guidelines described here within.

Image Sizes:

ORCHID VAULT allows members to attach and store images on the forum’s server as an added service through the Gallery2 module.  This system will allow you to upload very large files, but for performance reasons we generally ask that you limit the size of your files to more than 640 x 480 pixels.

We reserve the right to delete excessively large files from the server and continued abuse of the system may result in your user gallery being disabled.



Forum Content

First and foremost, ORCHID VAULT is about topics relating to orchids and MY ORCHID VAULT. Orchid related topics include hybridizing techniques, breeding goals, orchid culture and lab techniques. Members are highly encouraged to stay on topic. As a whole, the content of threads should be considered something that will be used as a long term resource. So we ask that you think about what you post and if it seems like something that is completely off topic or is just not at all related to hybridizing that you have a second thought before you post it. Again, think Quality over Quantity and as a general rule shoot for 90% good related content and up to 10% courtesy posts and/or humor;

Off topic general banter will be removed by the admin's on a regular basis to maintain the integrity of the forum content. Again some light humor off and on is not a big deal, just please keep in mind what we are all here for. If you want to share some witty repartee with another forum member and it isn't likely to be of interest to everybody else, or is not directly related to hybridizing orchids please consider sending a PM or an e-mail instead of posting;

No "scraping content"and re-publishing of ANY information from ORCHID VAULT without written permission from the admins;

While we highly encourage the sharing and collaboration on projects, many of the members of the forum also run business and must maintain a certain level of proprietary information in order to stay competitive in a very difficult market.  If another member asks for information to remain confidential, please respect their wishes.  Also realize members may post their thoughts on a topic and/or even organized articles to get feedback before publishing the material.  Please do not “scoop” the individual whom has written the content by publicly releasing the information before the author has been published. Anyone found to be releasing information clearly marked as private or proprietary will be subject to account deactivation;

At the same time, please do not re-publish content from other forums and/or sites without written permission.  The only exception is reference from published scientific works where appropriate credit and references are given;

ORCHID VAULT administrators have the ability and express right to edit, delete, move and/or modify any post for any reason;

Do not suggest or promote any illegal activities;

Please refrain from talking politics, religion, etc., EXCEPT where it relates directly to the topic of orchids. Just because we are all interested in orchids doesn't mean we have similar political views; those are appropriate for other fora that are focused on those topics. If you really need to broach that subject with another member, PM them; if they do not like your politics, they can block further PMs from you, but it doesn't get a hostile interaction out in public view where it could disrupt others.

Offensive language should be avoided. While we currently do not have any members that are minors, the forum is not limited to members over the age of 18.  So please use appropriate language when possible.  We do not want to have to police or edit posts, but reserve the right to do so if a post gets out of hand.


Disclaimer of Warranties

You expressly agree that use of ORCHID VAULT and all services and events is at your sole risk. ORCHID VAULT makes no warranties to the content, service, events or availability of ORCHID VAULT.

ORCHID VAULT and its partners take no responsibility for the actions of members or the thoughts and ideas expressed herein. Members post all information at their own risk and acknowledge that while the forum is reasonably secure, ORCHID VAULT can not be held responsible for information that is released outside the forum either by another member or malicious attack from outside the forum.  Every effort is made by ORCHID VAULT administrators to maintain a safe, private and secure environment, but because of the inherently public nature of an internet based system that security and privacy can not be guaranteed.

Opinions published here are those of the poster and do not necessarily reflect the values or beliefs of the ORCHID VAULT organizers or members.


Privacy Policy

ORCHID VAULT will not sell or distribute personal information about our participants such as an email address to any third party. Members selling or distributing information about participants and/or content from the forum will have their accounts disabled.

Every effort is made to maintain the security and privacy of the content and personal information of the membership.


Agreement of Terms of Service

By selecting the “I Agree” checkbox and clicking submit, you acknowledge that you have read and unconditionally agree to follow ORCHID VAULT Terms of Service.

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