Shipping and Return Policies

Payment Information
Currently we only accept Paypal for payments with new customers.  We will also accept cashiers checks from return customers.  Please e-mail us if you need to pay with a cashiers check. 


Shipping Information
Our default shipping is through USPS, but we can also ship through FedEx on request. (Please e-mail us before paying for your order if you want shipping through FedEx.) We now primarily ship on Saturdays.  Payments must be received by Noon PST on Friday for your order to ship out that week. Please e-mail us if you want to ship with a different carrier and/or want to request a different shipping date. 

Please note that USPS does not offer any kind of insurance for live plant material that is damaged by heat or cold.  They will only insure packages against physical damage. For this reason we can not offer a guarantee against heat or cold damage when shipping through USPS.  We pack everything very carefully to provide as much protection as possible, but once a package has been left with a carrier we have no control over their handling of it. If you are concerned about cold weather, we offer heat packs for purchase.

FedEx does offer complete insurance that offers damage protection to live plant material.  If you want your shipment guaranteed/insured, then we advise shipping through FedEx.

Extreme Weather - If we are aware that temperatures are going to be extremely hot or extremely cold in any of the areas that your shipment has to travel through to get to you, we will delay shipment until the temperatures are more moderate.  We will always notify you if we are going to delay a shipment for this reason.

Shipping Areas - We get a lot of requests to ship orchids to countries outside the United States.  Unfortunately at this time we are not able to get the  required permits to ship plant material out of the United States due to the high costs and red tape that is involved.  At some point in the future, we hope to be able to offer this service.  But at present time we are unable to do so.  


Return Policy
We guarantee that all plants are correctly labeled, left our care healthy and that you will receive the plant you ordered.

If there is a problem with your order please contact us within 24 hours of its receipt. We will do everything we can to resolve any issues with your order. Please note we do not accept returns on plants that have been correctly labeled and have arrived safely.

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