How do I move MOV from one computer to another?

My Orchid Vault is designed to run on a single dedicated computer.  Multiple computers are not supported at this time.  MOV is activated on the computer that you install and register it from and can not be activated on another computer without first contacting us.  If you want want to move your database and data from one computer to another, please contact us in advance before starting the following process so that we can be prepared to generate a new activation code for you.

Steps to set up a new computer:

  1. Install My Orchid Vault on the new computer.  Do not run the software yet.
  2. Find the file My Orchid Vault.USR from the machine it's currently loaded on.  It will likely be at C:\Program Files\MOV-1.0\My Orchid Vault\ assuming you  used the default install directory when he did the original install.
  3. Copy that .USR file into the same directory on the new computer.
  4. Run MOV on the new computer.  It should open an a screen that will say invalid registration code and the registration fields should still be filled out.  Just click the Register MOV button. Once I get the updated registration request I'll generate a new activation code and will e-mail it within 24 hours to the registered e-mail address.
  5. Enter the updated activation code into that field and select the Activate MOV button.  It should work normally at that point.
  6. Close MOV and then reopen it to make sure the database is running correctly.


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