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When creating a new user account

Notice to potential new members:

We are getting a lot of spam membership requests and it is making it very time consuming for me to find the real orchid growers.  I delete all accounts that have not answered all the membership questions and clearly are not an orchid grower to protect our community from unnecessary spam and individuals/companies that just want to promote their sites and do advertising.

So first off I apologize if it takes a little longer for me to activate accounts.  I like to try and get them done within 24 hours, but when I have 50 new fake accounts to sort through it makes it difficult.

Things you can do to help...

  • If I see a membership request come through with a user name that looks more like a real persons name or something orchid related it will get priority review.
  • Be sure to fill out the membership form as complete as possible with orchid specific information.  That helps me easily tell when a new member is  a real orchid grower.

Thank you all for your patience and I look forward to chatting with any of our new members.

Best Regards,



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