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Most of this area is a public repository intended to be an information resource on anything orchid related.  Future topics will include articles, hybridizing information, lab protocols, growing techniques, etc. This section will be regularly updated over the weeks and months to come, so please come back often.   If you have information you would like to publish, please contact us through the Contacts form.


Chromosome Counting - Root Tip Squash Protocol
Orchid Nomenclature - by Robert Bedard
Seed Pod Harvest Timings
- full article coming soon


Ploidy Data on Specific Cultivars

Confirmed Ploidy Database


Flasking Media Formulas

Phalaenopsis Seed Sowing and Replate Medias
Phalaenopsis Stem Propagation Media


Orchid Vault Member Only Content
Member generated content is access limited to active members of the Orchid Vault Community. 

Active Member Directory
Cross Database


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