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Orchid Vault provides a central repository for information about orchid culture, hybridizing, lab techniques and ploidy data.  Orchid Vault members are encouraged to share and publish articles and data.

My Orchid Vault is a personal database for storing and managing information about your orchid collection, hybridizing efforts and lab work.  The graphical interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

Orchid Vault provides online community forums  and integrated image galleries for it's members to promote discussions and sharing.  The forums also provide community and technical support to users of My Orchid Vault.

A Decade of Chasing the Elusive Blue Phalaenopsis article now available

"A Decade of Chasing the Elusive Blue Phalaenopsis", a 9.5 page article written by Rob Shepherd featuring 18 full color photo's is now available in Phalaenopsis Vol. 21(3) 2012.

My Orchid Vault is now available for Purchase!

We are very happy to announce that the My Orchid Vault data managment system is now available for purchase.   Please visit the How to Purchase Page for more information on the different versions and purchasing options.

4.17.2011 Ploidy Database Added

We've just launched a new database on the site with information on the ploidy of known hybrids and specific cultivars.  This database will be used as a resource for listing confirmed chromosome counts.  When available, photo's of the actual count are included with the entry.   The Confirmed Ploidy Database

Subscribe Feature added April 1, 2011

No this isn't an April fools joke...  The ability to subscribe to pages and forum content has been added for active members.  Follow your favorite pages, keep up with changes to protocols posted in Information Vault or just follow your friends forum posts.  On a daily basis notices will be e-mailed to your default e-mail for any content that has been updated.

Updates as of Aug. 16, 2010

The private forums are now live and accounts can be requested by clicking the register button at the top right,

Please note the Orchid Vault community and My Orchid Vault is currently under construction.  In the weeks and months to come new sections will come online and the ability to create user accounts will be enabled.  The overall look of the site will be changing considerably over the next few weeks.  Feel free to stop by from time to time if you want follow the changes and additions that will be happening.

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