Orchid Vault is an online community and information repository for commercial orchid growers, hybridizers, advanced hobbyists, and My Orchid Vault customers.   We always welcome new members to our community no matter what your level of experience is.  Create an account to gain full access to the forums and all of the features.   We are constantly adding new information, so please come back often.



News and Orchid Industry Information
We will be working with some industry leaders to provide you updated news and information on the site tailored to the needs of hybridizers. 

Community Chat
We have a live chat window for our members that want to have a live discussion or just want to drop in and say hello. 


Orchid Vault includes a fully featured forum system for discussion, information exchange and collaboration.  We want both commercial growers and hobbyists to be comfortable on the site.  While this is a business owned and operated community, we see the growth and health of all commercial orchid growers to be in the best interest of the orchid community.  Commercial vendors in good standing with the community will be allowed their own forum section to advertise and sell their products. 

Photo Gallery
Registered users have free access to an integrated photo gallery system that allows for the creation of user photo galleries.  The system uses the Gallery2 photo gallery software.   While guests can not directly view user photo galleries, users can send links of individual photo's to non-members. 

Other Features
We are still working through the full list of features that be included in the system.  It has been built from a fully featured and expandable content management system.  So we anticipate that the site will continue to grow and new features will be added on a regular basis.


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