Passing of our dearest Laela

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Passing of our dearest Laela

It's been a really horrible week for us back home at Sapphire Dragon Orchids.  For the last couple of months we've been dealing with a very severe illness with our precious Australian Shepherd Laela.  She has been a part of our family for 10.5 years and a very dear loyal companion to me.  Laela was a blue merle and you may have noticed her name shows up in some of our cultivar names.   She was also the inspiration for the name of our sailboat the S.S. Laela.  After several months of fighting so hard for us, Laela's time came to rest on Sat. Jan 14, 2012.

Laela Shepherd-James
8.1.2001 - 1.14.2012

May you rest in peace our baby girl.

Laela's name was based off the orchid genus Laelia.   When she came into our lives at 9 weeks of age, I wanted to give her the name of an orchid, but Laelia did not roll of the tongue as well as Laela.   She will always be my favorite orchid.   In honor of the amazing spirit that we were so privileged to be able to share our lives with, we have posted this photo tribute on the SDO website.

Photo Tribute to Laela Shepherd-James

She will always be remembered and forever a part of our hearts.   In the very near future we hope to be able to announce a new coerulea cross named in dedication of our dear baby girl Laela.



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